Business Plan

1. Creating a Business Plan:

Creating a business plan is an important first step in starting a business. The process involves researching and analyzing the potential for success and creating a roadmap for the business. The process should typically take a few weeks to complete, but can vary depending on the complexity of the business and the amount of time and resources available.

The first step in the business plan process is to do research. This includes researching the industry, identifying target customers, and analyzing competitors. This should give the business an idea of the market potential, customer needs, and the competition.

The second step is to define the business concept. This includes setting goals and objectives, establishing a business model, and creating a unique selling proposition. It is also important to consider how the business will be structured and how it will be financed.

The third step is to create a financial plan. This includes creating projections for income and expenses, as well as cash flow. It is important to create realistic projections that take into account any risks or uncertainties.

The fourth step is to write the business plan. This includes writing an executive summary, detailing the business objectives, outlining the product or service, and describing the marketing and sales strategy. The business plan should also include a timeline for achieving goals and milestones.

2. Business Plan Writing Services by MSP BUSINESS COACHING & MORE

Do you need help creating your business plan? Our business plan consulting firm has plenty of experience to assist you. To start, we need as much information as possible about your business idea.

You can send your information to us via email ([email protected]) , have a phone interview with us at +357 22 253485, or use our MSP BUSINESS COACHING business plan questionnaire. We will then use our existing databases and other resources to get all the necessary information about the industry, product market, performance, competitors, location, marketing media and customer target group.

If you only need a financial plan, you can get that from us as well. Our business plans are full of professional knowledge and consulting services that will help you in starting your business. Each business plan will include 22 to 25 pages of required and additional points, and our financial plan will include 8 to 10 pages with 3-year financial projections (investment plan, turnover plan/derivation, staff planning, expenses plan, balance, profit-and-loss calculation, and a liquidity and parameters evaluation).

Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you create your business plan!

“A Professional Writing Service Tailored to Your Business Plan Requirements”

At MSP BUSINESS COACHING & MORE, you can find performance packages for custom business plans, including financial plans. Our basic models start at €450, while more complex models are available for €1100.

We also offer CORPORATE packages for large-scale market rollouts, complex turnaround plans, and international company launches. Take a look at a business plan example to get an idea of the high quality our service provides. If you’re looking to guarantee yourself a great start, then have us create your business plan!

3. Additional Information About Business Plans and Business Plan Services

Why do you need a business plan?
A business plan is a vital document for any business, especially startups and young companies. It outlines the company’s strategy, goals, and objectives – typically over a time frame of 3 to 5 years. It is essential for securing investments from banks and other financial institutions, as it provides a credential for competency and market potential. The business plan should also include risk minimization strategies and operational steps, such as staff and scheduled investments. By doing so, it can ensure the long-term success of the business.

Creating a business plan can assist in uncovering logical inconsistencies

A well-crafted business plan is essential in order to avoid costly trial and error when starting a business. Not only does it provide assurance to lenders that the entrepreneur has thoroughly considered their concept, but it also acts as a roadmap for the business itself. Whether you create the business plan yourself or use a service, it is important to review and refine the plan in a timely manner. The more detailed the core business concept is outlined, the easier it will be to plan out the steps and make a more realistic calculation. Additionally, the business plan can point out potential risks and show the importance of accurate documentation. Just like a blueprint is to an architect, a business plan is to a business owner. It is an organized way to collect and evaluate any information regarding the business model and ideas, as well as calculate if the required funding is available. Taking the time to create a business plan is a key step in the process, regardless of industry, and can help to prevent common pitfalls.

4. Creating a Business Plan: Process & Duration

  1. A personal meeting between the MSP BUSINESS COACHING company’s consultant and the client is determined or you can send us information containing the basic characteristics of your future business model (business idea, required capital, goal of the business plan, etc.).
  2. After the project is assessed and categorized according to our pricing table, we will follow up with our financial offer accompanied by our terms and conditions. Once you place your order, you will receive an invoice and you must prepay 50% of the service offered. In some cases, you will be asked to fill out a special questionnaire for a Business Plan. For complex business projects (such as large Start-Ups, chains, etc.), we recommend that you send us additional information (e.g. Philosophy, Central Strategy, information about the products, etc.).
  3. It is recommended to have at least one (1) meeting (up to 3) to outline the key information regarding the components of the Business Plan (e.g. Financial Planning). Customers who are unable to attend a personal meeting should provide us with the information via a zoom online meeting.

Note: It is very important to report or send us ALL the information before we start working on your Business Plan to avoid delays.

  1. We will create your Business Plan within 14-16 working days, depending on the complexity and the required information.
  2. You will receive a complete Business Plan along with your Financial Plan in a bound printed format as well as electronically in a copy-protected PDF and WORD format. With delivery, the remaining 50% of the invoice must be paid.
  3. Business Plan from MSP BUSINESS COACHING & More – Advantages:

The comparison table below will help you understand what exactly it is that makes a Business Plan from MSP BUSINESS COACHING different from the competition. The consulting firm MSP BUSINESS COACHING combines all the factors for a better value/quality relationship in the writing of a Business Plan. Due to our extensive database, specialized expertise, our years of experience and engagement with major international organizations, we are able to offer the best value/performance relationship for your Business Plan.


5. Contact Information


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Total Pages: Checking & Completing Up to10 pages 22-25 pages 27-40 pages
Financial Part: Checking & Completing If needed (surcharges can apply) 3 years 5 years
Most Suitable for: Entrepreneurs with prior knowledge and existing set of documents. ▪ Bank Account opening, ▪ VISA ▪ Certain grant programs. ▪ Start-ups ▪ Running Business ▪ Complex Business Models ▪ Franchises ▪ Big Market Launches
Typical Capital Sam: Up to €150,000 Private equity From €15,000-€300,000 from €300,000
Typical Legal Form: Various ▪ Freelancers, ▪ Sole Proprietorship ▪ Sole Proprietorship ▪ Ltd Companies ▪ Partnerships ▪ Ltd Companies ▪ Public Companies ▪ Partnerships
Suitable for Loan Seekers: YES NO YES YES
Price: €350 from €450 from1100 from2000
Note: Our final offer is always tailored to the data, ideas, and budget of each business. As such, we cannot give a final offer without discussion or communication.
Software CPA/Lawyer Other Business Plan Agents
Personal Contact x
Verified x [√]
Complete [√] [√]
Specialized x x
Correction Loops x [√]
Flexibility  considering Business Plan Financials x [√] (x)
Multilingual (x) [√]
Data Privacy [√]
Delivery Time ? 17-28 days 16-22 days 14-16 days
6 – eyes – Principle x ? ?
6 – guarantees – Principle x ? ?
Express & Emergency Service x (x) (x)
Contact on Weekends & Holidays [√] (x) (x)
Personal Coaching during preparation x x &x
Offer Packages ASSIST ME & PRIME Less than €450 x x x
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